How to make "Chocolate inside cupcake"

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Hi everyone ..
This time I will share "Chocolate inside cupcake" recipe.
I made ​​the cake and the recipe from my mama. Suitable to be served at Eid.. 
Can be modified with other flavors depending on your taste. And these the recipe.. .

(For 30 medium cup)
Ingredient :
- 1/4 kilograms flour
- 8 eggs
- 1/4 kilograms icing sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted
- 4 tablespoon condensed milk
- One teaspoon ovalet
- few vanilla extract
- Chocolate

Directions : 

  1. In a medium bowl, mix together icing sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. Mixer until the dough becomes whitish color. Put ovalet, mixer until become whitish. Put condensed milk and still stir until whitish and then put flour bit by bit. If the input is even melted butter then stir abject average.
  2. In cake mold. Give the mold with a little butter, so cups will not stick  when in the oven. After that give the cup over it.
  3. Put the dough a half cup, then give chocolate. And then cover it with the dough. If you do not like chocolate you can give the other flavors. Eg : strawberry, caramel, etc. Or maybe you can leave it blank and give topping or garnish on top of cup cake.
  4. Oven the butter. Wait until cooked. And then serve. More delicious when eaten warm.

Tadaaaaaaa.. Chocolate inside cupcake ala bull..

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