wooBAR we in LOVE !

10.22 Nabila Abdat 3 Comments

wooBAR at W Hotel
Seminyak BALI

Me, naya, piti and ayuz
Decided to relax afternoon in wooBAR
In addition to the famous romantic place here too its great view.
Moreover, the time sunset. Not patiently waiting for sunset !! Aww
Ummm ... wooBAR we in LOVE !!

See yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

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3 komentar:

  1. that's the best cafe am prefer in bali, the second is Photato heat. do u ever go there dear ?

    Marxxx txxlb

    1. yea. i've been to potato head. cool place. perfect for a relaxing afternoon on the beach :))

  2. akhir nya aku juga kesini .... nice place