Yea.. This is life !

07.33 Nabila Abdat 3 Comments

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
Sometimes smiling, sometimes frowning
Sometimes there is laughter, sometimes tears
Sometimes life is beautiful, sometimes suffer
Sometimes the pride, sometimes not considered
Sometimes praised, sometimes in contempt

Yeaa .. This is life ..
with millions of flavors created by Allah SWT.
We tested it with what we have now.
If we are sincere and patient, you will level up. if not otherwise :)
All depends on us, depending on how we manage to live.
Happy and stay on the right path.
InshaAllah all will be better and better.
InshaAllah. Ameen!

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3 komentar:

  1. heemm...well.
    but what u think if we sometimes we have like a desires and expectations, but Allah can't realize it... ?
    what we can do for make us still survive and trust if Allah always in our site.

    looking forward receiving ur reply please.

    Marxxx txxxlb

    1. wow
      Allah always knows what good for us
      we should try and pray if you want something is reached
      if have not realized now, maybe later
      or maybe there will be more beautiful plan oneday

      ibadah. ways to the make us still survive and trust if God always in our site ;))

    2. Well, thx with noted dear.....