Fallin in LOVE with MinnieMouse

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Aww .. I really fell in love with MinnieMouse.
Mouse doll cute gift from my best friend when I was 17 years old. She know me so well ♥

Now Minnie is always with me. lol
Almost like a friend .. Unfortunately she is just a doll. hahahaa
She is always with me in my room when I finish my work. And of course when completing projects My Online Shop BULL! By NabilaAbdat ! Yeay!!
Polka-dot dress is its hallmark, and there's a hair ribbon on her head. So cute!
And more making love, her red dress. Yes! My favorite color ♥♥♥
And I had a photoshoot with her. And I wore a red polka-dot scarf to harmonize with my beloved MinnieMouse dress.

A wonderful day when I was with her!

Red scarf - @BULLcloth

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