Mangrove Forest Bali

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Salam ..
Those who have never seen such a direct let's see what mangrove forest. I walk into the Bali Mangrove Forest, located in the Sawung Kauh, Denpasar. This place is very broad, covering approximately 5000 hectares, and forest site is located on the left side of the road By Pass Ngurah Raii.

Mangrove forest has very beautiful scenery. Once inside, we will be treated to a grove of green leaves, rivers, and mangrove roots are large with an unusual shape. So beautiful! Moreover, the only road that used to traverse the mangroves is a very long wooden bridge.
This place is really exciting for photo images. Nuance is still very natural. Many small crabs that we pass under the bridge. So cute! :) This place was recommended for a longer holiday to Bali.

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