Story of This Day! Yawn!

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Today is a great day!
Although initially a little bad mood because there are rolling blackouts Denpasar area.

Yeaaaa...really test the patience
Note book depleted battery - BlackBerry battery is running low power outage -. very make it saturated.
I finally decided to go to Teuku Umar with my friend naya and my sister ayuz, after my sister came home from school.

Sssst.. Naya is My first friend when I moved to Bali. Rather she is my neighbor. lol

There really seemed like heaven after a day of saturated due to power outages.

The atmosphere is relaxed as it is at home. We discuss a variety of things, jokes, photos, eat donuts - my favorite almond donut.
We do not feel old enough 'nge-eksis' here and time for us to go home. OH NO !
Arriving at the house found the electricity was still off . Make we can not indulge.

Hmm .. 8 hours without electricity .. seemed safe return to primordial.
Alhamdulillah electric flame back, so it can work as before. Can certainly write a blog again ! Yeay !

Let's check in the latest collection of BULL!
Good night all ...

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