Hijab Hijab Ohh Hijab ..

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I am a student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang majoring in Communication class 2009 Public Relations. Before I moved to Bali. I moved to Bali about five months ago.

Hijab .. This word previously unknown in my ears. 6 months ago since this word is very friendly to me. While I'm sure to wear it. And now I'm very interested as the name suggests is HIJAB STYLE. Here I found the real me, makes me feel comfort and confident :)

From here I became interested in fashion design. But
Fashion Design Schools it is hard to find in Bali . If anyone know please give me information ..

Initially I was wearing hijab looks really messy, like feeling hot and distress. But Alhamdulillah now I'm getting used to. What is it now a lot of how the use of hijab so we certainly do not feel bored and feel fashionable.

Wearing hijab must be from the heart palace. At first I was not interested, even though I grew up in families that are descendants of Arab majority is using the hijab. But do not know why that urge suddenly came from my heart. And I can say to all the people around me if I AM READY!

My style of hijab began to change, and I really like this ..

hijab friends, show your beauty from within .. ☺ ♥

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1 komentar:

  1. aaa i see, we are same in university.
    and i know u before...many time i see u in UMM, hehe..
    MasyAllah and alhamdulillah, used hijab now...perfect !!
    but am graduated on 2010, am stay in bali now.
    already 2 years. :d